Grilbrick Grill Cleaning Brick - Pack of 12

Code: GB12
Textured griddle cleaning brick which can be safely used on hot griddles without damging the surface. The film wrap acts as the holder.

Orvarto Contract Microfibre Cloth - Multiple Colours

Code: P-101137
A good all round microfibre cloth that offers excellent value for money.

Brillo Pad Multi-Use Soap Pad - Pack of 10

Code: 022790/1
Extremely effective cleaning power which can be used all around the house, breaking down stains and leaving a brilliant shine.  

Robert Scott Medium Duty Scourers - Green

Code: 102449/1
A medium duty scouring pad, designed to remove tough dirt in catering environments and as part of general cleaning routines.

Evans Dishwash Multi - 5L - Case of 2

Code: A070EEV
Low foaming dishwash detergent.  

Candles - Tealights - 8 Hours - Case of 700

Code: 106007CASE
White 8 hour tealight candles.  

Orvarto Premium Microfibre Cloth - Multiple Colours

Code: P-992645
Tiny microfibres work hard for you, collecting dirt from any surface quickly and effectively.

Butterfly Cup 12oz - 500

Code: BD120
ButterflyCup ReCycle is the world’s first plastic-free paper cup for hot and cold drinks which can be recycled by disposing of it in the regular paper bin along with car...

Siliconized Baking Paper 241mm x 241mm Cut Sheets - 1000

Code: 159589
Siliconized Baking Paper 241mm x 241mm Cut Sheets