Wall Brackets

A selection of wall brackets suitable for use with cleaning products.

Dispenser - E:Dose Wall Shelf

Code: P-D032AEV
Stainless steel shelf which is suitable for holding 1L bottles. Compatible with Evans e:dose products and trigger sprays.

Evans Vanodine Wall Bracket for 5L Containers

Code: D014AEV
Bracket holds a 5L container made from white plastic coated metal.

Evans Vanodine E-Fill Display Clip

Code: D018AEV
A very simple to use refill system, ensures the delivery of an undiluted solution.

Evans Vanodine Wall Bracket for 500ml Bottles

Code: D088AEV
Bracket to hold a 500ml hand pump Evans Vanodine bottle.

Evans Vanodine Wall Bracket Dispensing System Cage

Code: DO78AEV
Wall bracket which holds 2 x 5L bottles. White plastic coated metal, which is suitable for use with e:fill systems.

Evans Vanodine Wall Bracket for 1L e:dose Bottle

Code: D023AEV
Bracket holds a 1L bottle, ideally built to function with the Evans Vanodine e:dose bottle.