Floor & Carpet Cleaning

A selection of floor & carpet cleaning chemicals suitable for home and commercial use.

Floor Cleaner - Prodiflore Framboisine - 5L - Case of 4

A deodorising, disinfecting premium floor cleaner for use on all hard surfaces including those protected by emulsion.

Evans Vanodine Extract Pro Carpet Shampoo - 5L - Case of 2

Code: A014EEV2
Carpet and upholstery shampoo for prefessional cleaning in conjunction with a hot water extraction machine.

Evans Vanodine Clean & Shine Perfumed Floor Maintainer - 5L - Case of 2

Code: A078EEV2
Floor maintainer designed for floors treated with a metallised floor polish, to clean and restore gloss.

Evans Vanodine Enhance Floor Polish - 5L - Case of 2

Code: A098EEV2
Premium, metallised emulsion floor polish that produces an extra durable, wet look, slip resistant finish.

Evans Vanodine Low Foam Heavy Multi Surface Cleaner - 5L - Case of 2

Code: A109EEV
Alkaline low foaming multi-surface cleaner designed for use on factory and warehouse floors.

Evans Vanodine Easy Strip Fast Acting Floor Polish Stripper - 5L - Case of 2

Code: A141EEV2
Powerful floor polish stripper, for use on a range of surfaces including vinyl, linoleum, rubber and sealed floors.

Low Foam Light - 5L - Case of 2

Code: A176EEV2
Neutral low foaming multi-surface cleaner designed for use in supermarkets, airports, sports halls, shopping and leisure centres.

Quickstrip - 5L - Case of 2

Code: SP951
Quickstrip emulsion floor stripper contains powerful alkalis and solvents for the rapid break up and removal of floor polish.

De-Foamer - 5L - Case of 2

Code: DF1
Improves performance of carpet and upholstery cleaning machines by preventing the accumulation of foam.

Floor Restorer - Supercare - 5L - Case of 2

Code: AS18/5
A powerful floor restorer with special cleaning agents and thermoplastic additives that ensure good, long-lasting protection.

Floor Gel - Lemon Maximum - 5L - Case of 2

Code: CP103
A multi purpose cleaner suitable for use on floors, walls and kitchen equipment.  

Stain Remover - Ecolab Carpet A Spot and Stain - 500mls - Individual

Code: 300578/1
Ecolab Carpet A is a spot & stain remover that can be used to remove water soluble stains.