A selection of handles suitable for home and commercial use.

Handle - Telescopic - 4m - Silver - Individual

Code: YYTH4M
Extendible handle which ranges from 157cm to 4000cm. Push-pull/cone fitting. Ideal fitting for high-level cleaning tool (Spanky).

Handle - Telescopic - 1.6m - Blue - Individual

90cm telescopic mop handle which extends to 162cm with drilled fitting for use with flat mop frames.

Robert Scott Excel Fitting Aluminium Handle - Multiple Colours

Code: P-YYXB54
A lightweight aluminium handle with push fitting which can be used with all Exel sockets.

Robert Scott Aluminium Hygiene Handle - Multiple Colours

Code: P-OPT30A
A versatile aluminium handle with T1 screw thread which can be used with mops, mop holders, washable brushware and squeegees.