Hand Towels

A selection of hand towels suitable for home and commercial use.

Hand Towel - Tork - White Roll - Pack of 6

Code: 471116
White Tork hand towel roll for the EnMotion dispenser. Perfect for reducing consumption and improving hygiene.

Papernet Dissolve Tech 2-Ply V-Fold Blue & White Fleck Paper Hand Towels - Case of 3,150

Code: 411169
CHSA approved dissolvable hand towels that have much greater pulpability in water to solve the problem of clogging.

Hand Towels - C Fold - 2ply - Case of 2400

Code: SPD1472
CHSA approved c-fold hand towels. Soft finish suitable for all workplace and washroom environments.

Pro Z Fold 2 Ply Hand Towel - White - Case of 3000

Code: 412
CHSA approved Pro z fold 2-ply white hand towels.

Pro 2-Ply V-Fold White Hand Towels - Case of 3,000

Code: 468
CHSA approved pure pulp premium grade tissue hand towels.

Hand Towel - Tork - H2 Multifold Premium 2 Ply - Case of 2310

Code: 100288
CHSA approved Tork 2-ply interfold hand towels.

Hand Towel - H1 Tork Matic Roll - White - Case of 6

Code: 290067
White Tork hand towel roll for the Tork Matic dispenser. Perfect for reducing consumption and improving hygiene.  

Hand Towel H14 - Roll for Tork Manual Dispenser(1x6)

Code: 471141
Tork Reflex Paper for Tork Manual Dispensers offers paper with a balanced design between compact high capacity rolls while offering good absorbent single sheet use. Great for...

PRO 1-Ply Interfold Green Hand Towels – Case of 5,000

Code: 410
A case of 5,000 green 1 ply hand towels. Suitable for use in high traffic washrooms.

Tork Peakserve Hand Towel - 4920 Towels

Code: 100585
Introducing Tork PeakServe®, the latest innovation in hand towel dispensing systems. This high-capacity system is designed for busy washrooms where staff need to maximise...