Evans Vanodine Glass Renovator - 2.5L - Case of 4

Code: A066AEV
Specially formulated, low foaming liquid detergent for the removal of protein deposits, yeast, beer residue and bloom from drinking glasses.

Compass Pro Essential Dishwash Detergent - 5L - Case of 2

Code: CP302
Dishwash Essential is ideal for eveyday day removal of food debris from cutlery and crockery in an automatic machine.

Evans Vanodine Dishwash Multi - 20L - Individual

Code: A070JEV
Dishwash Multi is a low foaming detergent designed to remove heavy grease and burnt on food deposits from crockery and kitchenware.

Food Bag - Takeaway - 10x15.5x12" - Case of 100

Code: BA1
Paper takeaway carrier bag, ensures the safe moving of food; whilst also maintaining the environment through using a paper.

Bags - Paper - 12x12" - White - Pack of 500

Code: BA3B
White 30cm paper bags that are ideal for the traversal of various items.

Bag - Polythene - 8x10" - Case of 1000

Code: BA4
Clear polythene food grade counter bags.

Evans Vanodine Alu Safe Tray Wash - 20L

Code: C013KEV
Tray wash is a low foaming detergent designed for the cleaning of trays, crates and ware wash.

Chef's Hat - Non Woven - Large - Case of 10

Code: CL1A
Made from excellent white non-woven material, fits a majority of head sizes with adjustable velcro strips, whilst maintaining comfortability. Please note: this item is stock-...

Rational Combi-Oven Rinse Aid Tablets - Pack of 50

Code: CLK706
Combi-Oven Rinse Aid for he routine cleaning and maintenance of service ovens.

Napkins - Cocktail - 2ply - 24cm - Champgne - Case of 2000

Code: DO2P-DC
Everyday 2-ply cocktail napkins produced using two layers of tissue held together by a distinctive edge embossed pattern

Labels - Adhesive Food Labels - 5cm - Pack of 500

Code: E148
These 5cm labels from Vogue feature an innovative adhesive that has a strong hold yet leaves nothing behind when removed.

Labels - Use First - Pack of 1000

Code: E149
Use first adhesive labels to ensure the proper food rotation practices are used. These adhesive notices are easy to peel and leave no residue.