Troubleshooting & Specialist

A selection of troubleshooting & specialist chemicals suitable for home and commercial use.

White Board Cleaner - Lift - 750mls - Case of 6

Code: 057769
Lift white board cleaner is perfect for removing ghost marks from white boards.

Micro Clean - 5L - Case of 2

Code: MC5
Micro Clean is a biological cleaner and odour eradicator designed for use on soft surfaces soiled by body fluids and spilled beverages.

Fly Spray - Sanmex - 300mls - Case of 6

Code: MIS1
Fast-acting relief from flies and wasps, suitable for use a household insecticide.

Grafitti Remover - Lift - 750mls - Case of 6

Code: O57666
Lift grafitti remover is designed to remove aerosol spray, marker pen and ballpoint from all hard surfaces including stone and brickwork.

Magic Dispel Mould and Mildew Remover - 750mls - Case of 6

Code: A10
Powerful, ready to use foaming trigger mould and mildew spray for the effective removal of black mould and mildew stains.

Vacuum Bag Fresheners - Flower Fresh - Pack of 5

Code: FRESH5
Flower fresh air freshener capsules are designed to bring a lovely scent to vacuum bags/ dust containers.

Insecticide - 5L - Case of 2

Insecticide is designed for the eradication of insect infestations on carpets, fabrics and hard surfaces.

Compass Pro Scale-Off Limescale Remover - 750mls - Case of 6

Code: CP403
Highly effective limescale remover in a trigger bottle. Can be used on a variety of hard surfaces including porcelain, stainless steel and chrome.

Acid Brite - 25L - Individual

Code: R077KEV
A versatile and effective cleaner, suitable for use on all types of bulk tanks and dairy equipment.

Silver Dip - Suma - 5L - Individual

Code: HK016
A highly effective product for de-tarnishing cutlery, jewellery and other small items.  

Stain Remover - Ecolab Carpet A Spot and Stain - 500mls - Individual

Code: 300578/1
Ecolab Carpet A is a spot & stain remover that can be used to remove water soluble stains.  

Chlorine Test Strips 1x 100 strips

Code: 312-4395
From Instruments Direct, a pack of individual Chlorine test strips designed for measuring the concentration levels of chlorine in water or a solution.