A selection of mops suitable for home and commercial use.

Mop - Interchange Kentucky - 16oz - Multiple Colours

Cotton and polyester fibre blended yarn with looped end and stay flat band complete with colour coded interchange sockets.

Mop - Interchange Midi - Multiple Colours

Premium quality with unique SYRTEX looped and hollow fibre for fast dirt pick up and water release, also absorbs grease and oils.

3M Doodlebug Holder

The holder acts as a framework that allows for abrasive pads to be added, this then makes a heavy-duty floor cleaner.

Mop - Microtex Velcro Frame

Flat Mop frame component for use with Microtex mopping system.

Complete Mop and Bucket Set - Microspeedy - Flat Microfibre - Blue - Individual

The Microspeedy kit is a professional quality, complete flat mop system which enables easier, faster and more effective cleaning.

Mop - PY Excel Socket - Multiple Colours

A traditional absorbent polyester yarn mop with Exel push-fit fitting to avoid mop slipping on handle when wringing.

Mop - Kentucky - 16oz - Individual

A traditional absorbent polyester yarn mop for large surface areas. This mop head is suitable for smooth floor surfaces

Mop - Kentucky - 340g - Multiple Colours

Produced from bleached cotton and synethetic yarns for absorbency and strengh.

Mop - Big White Excel Socket - Multiple Colours

A lightweight, super-absorbent mop made from non-woven fabric strips, with Exel push-fit fitting to avoid mop slipping when wringing.

Mop - Sweeper 60cm - Complete - Multiple Colours

Colour coded dust control sweepers with wire frame and aluminium handle. Lightweight for ease of use.

V Sweeper - Complete - 40" - Individual

A ‘V’ sweeper designed to attract and hold dust and dirt.

Mop - Microspeedy head - Individual

Highly effective and easily fitted 40cm microfibre flat mop head for use with the microspeedy mop system.