Janitorial Hardware

Bucket - Mop - Castor - Multiple Colours

Dirt retaining sump and curved shape to avoid spillage. Sturdy and effective handle-operated wringer attached.

Pads - Spraygee Microfibre - Pack of 5

Can be used on windows, glass areas, stainless steel and a multitude of hard surfaces.

Spraygee Tool - Individual

The Spraygee tool is a multi surface tool with hook & loop fastening. Unique multi surface tool design with pivot head and soft handle.

iVo Power Brush - Micro Fibre Bonnets - Large - 10 Pack

Large microfibre bonnets which are sutiable for the Ivo Power Brush, a unique handheld cordless cleaning tool kit.

Evans Vanodine EC2 Heavy Duty Cleaner & Degreaser Bottle & Head - 750ml - Individual

Ready for use with the made up EC2 (Evans Vanodine concentrated) degreaser solution.

Evans Vanodine EC9 Washroom Sanitiser - Bottle & Head - Individual

Trigger bottle ready for use with EC9 (Evans Vanodine concentrated) washroom solution.

Evans Vanodine EC6 Hard Surface Cleaner - Bottle & Head - Individual

All purpose trigger bottle, ready to use with EC6 (Evans Concentrated) solution.

Carpet Extraction - 370 - Individual

Powered by a liquid supply and efficient wet pick-up functionality that is all encompassed in this one powerful machine.

Evans Vanodine Wall Bracket for 5L Containers

Bracket holds a 5L container made from white plastic coated metal.

Evans Vanodine E-Fill Display Clip

A very simple to use refill system, ensures the delivery of an undiluted solution.

Evans Vanodine Wall Bracket for 500ml Bottles

Bracket to hold a 500ml hand pump Evans Vanodine bottle.

Evans Vanodine Evolve Cartridge Foam Soap Dispenser

Cartridge dispenser for foam mousse, fits the Evans 1L foam cartridge.