Janitorial Hardware

Hoover - Airobrush Attachment - Henry - Individual

Code: 601227
Airobrush attachment for Numatic vacuum cleaners, perfect for picking up pet hair.

Dispenser - Wrapmaster 3000 - Individual

Code: 63F90
Functional for small kitchen areas. Easy to refill, ensuring productivity whilst supporting multiple films.

Dispenser - Wrapmaster Duo - Individual

Code: 63M50
Dual food wrap dispenser in one unit. Perfect accompanying product for a professional kitchen, saves time and space. Please note: this dispenser is only compatible with 45cm...

Dispenser - Pro TDX 2000 - Individual

Code: 7200-01
Ideal dispenser for production, tool room, distribution and maintainence areas. Suitable for use with the GOJO hand cleaner.

Dispenser - ADX7 - Purell - Manual - White - Individual

Code: 8720-06/1
Push-style dispenser that is designed for Purell hand sanitiser with 700ml capacity.

Smart Pump Trigger

Code: 8800H
Smart chemical pump. Wall hanging dispenser which is independent from water connections, draws liquid through a simple lever operation.

Dispenser - ADX12 - Purell - Manual - Case of 6

Code: 8820-06
High volume, 1200ml, dispenser which is perfect for high traffic areas. Easily check the fill status with the clear window and skylight.

Dispenser - ADX12 - Gojo - Manual - White - (6x1)

Code: 8884-06
1250ml dispenser which is perfectly suited for high traffic areas. Sight window ensures that monitoring the capcity of the product is simple.

V Sweeper - Complete - 40" - Individual - Blue

Code: 891287
A ā€˜Vā€™ sweeper designed to attract and hold dust and dirt.

Vacuum - Ruc Sack Vac - Numatic - individual

Code: 900323
The Ruc Sac Vac is perfect for producing vastly improved results by virtue of the old adage "the right machine for the right job".

Spray Head - Multiple Colours

Code: P-923
Adjustable nozzle to change the stream of liquid flow. Multiple colours available to aid with various coding systems.

Robert Scott 25L Mop Bucket & Wringer - Multiple Colours

Code: P-101253
Dirt retaining sump and curved shape to avoid spillage. Sturdy and effective handle-operated wringer attached.